An Arizona lawman travels to Mexico in search of an Indian who robbed a bank in Phoenix to help finance his tribe's uprising against the Mexican government.


Tales Of Wells Fargo S6 | 6:00 PM

Beau and Hardie pursue two thieves who murdered an elderly station agent.

Stars: Dale Robertson, Virginia Christine, Mary Jane Saunders, Lori Patrick
Release Year: 1961
Rating: TV-PG V

Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 7:00 PM

Rather than spend Christmas with friends as he planned, Jim Hardie is sent to track gunrunners who are transporting weapons illegally across the Mexican border at Laredo.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1957
Rating: TV-PG V

Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 7:30 PM

When a Wells Fargo office is robbed and one of Jim Hardie's friends is murdered, Hardie is intent on exposing the criminals responsible.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1957
Rating: TV-PG V

Apache Territory | 8:00 PM

A drifter crossing the Arizona desert routs a band of marauding Apaches and rescues the young survivor of a massacre.

Stars: Rory Calhoun, Tom Pittman, Barbara Bates, John Dehner, Carolyn Craig
Release Year: 1958
Rating: TV-PG V

Domino Kid | 10:00 PM

A Confederate veteran hunts to kill the five outlaws who ran off his cattle and shot his father.

Stars: Rory Calhoun, Kristine Miller, Andrew Duggan, Yvette Duguay, Peter Whitney
Release Year: 1957
Rating: TV-PG V

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys | 12:00 AM

An aging lawman and an aging outlaw join forces when their respective positions in society are usurped by a younger but incompetent Marshal, and a younger but vicious gang leader.

Stars: Robert Mitchum, George Kennedy, Martin Balsam, David Carradine, Tina Louise
Release Year: 1969
Rating: TV-PG L,V

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Grit TV is officially my favorite TV station! I love the Westerns especially.
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I love this channel. [Grit TV] has great movies that bring back some great memories of growing up in a large family, especially the John Wayne movies – my favorite. Please continue to be free TV. We don't have cable, and these are better movies than what you'll find. Thank you for bringing memories back from my life of long forgotten.
Julie Rodriguez, Facebook