Bill is hired as trail boss driving a cattle herd to Abilene. But he has to contend with two big problems. One is a hostile trail hand, whose anger over Bill getting the ramrod job over him is aggravated by his jealousy over the ranch owner's daughter. The other is a rival drive who's leader will stop at nothing to insure that his herd gets to Abilene first. First of a two part story, concluding with "Showdown At Abilene".


Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 6:00 PM

A young man stranded in a remote town is looking for a job working with horses. Jim Hardie befriends him along with a cranky softy and he returns the favor by helping Hardie solve the murder of a Wells Fargo agent.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1958
Rating: TV-PG V

Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 6:30 PM

Jim Hardie attempts to find a gang of outlaws who specialize in stealing buffalo hides from Fresno Keeley, a buyer backed by Wells Fargo. He suspects one of those involved is Billy Thompson, brother of Ben Thompson.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1958
Rating: TV-PG V

Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 7:00 PM

Jim Hardie joins forces with wanted outlaw Bill Longley to retrieve money stolen from Wells Fargo, however another outlaw working with Longley tricks Hardie and steals the money and Longley’s girl.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1958
Rating: TV-PG V

Tales Of Wells Fargo S2 | 7:30 PM

Hardie offers an old outlaw he sent to prison the opportunity to earn parole and a reward if he will lead a posse into an outlaw stronghold and help rescue a United States senator from his kidnappers.

Stars: Dale Robertson
Release Year: 1958
Rating: TV-PG V

North To Alaska | 8:00 PM

When prospectors Sam and George strike gold in Alaska, Sam agrees to retrieve George's sweetheart from Seattle. Upon learning that she has married another man, Sam enlists a saloon dancer as her replacement.

Stars: John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, Fabian, Capucine
Release Year: 1960
Rating: TV-PG L,V

Take A Hard Ride | 11:00 PM

After a cattle rancher's boss dies, his right-hand man is given the job of transporting $86,000 across hundreds of miles of western wasteland, and is pursued by outlaws, a bounty hunter, and a corrupt sheriff, all whom want the money.

Stars: Jim Brown, Lee Van Cleef, Fred Williamson
Release Year: 1975
Rating: TV-14 L,V

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