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Saturday, Jun 10, 2023

All Times Eastern

Guidebook writer Lasford Hastings becomes the target of Will Eddy - who blames Hastings for the death of his wife and children.

Stars: Stanley Andrews
Release Year: 1964

An ex-con becomes judge of a mining camp because he has the largest tent - but as the town grows he takes his job more seriously.

Stars: Stanley Andrews
Release Year: 1964

John Wheeler is going to even the odds in a fight between meek Arkie Monson and a gunslinger.

Stars: Stanley Andrews
Release Year: 1964

Pearl Hart emigrates from Canada to commit the last stagecoach robbery in history.

Stars: Stanley Andrews
Release Year: 1964

8:00 AM – The Deputy S1 - "The Deal" TV-PG V

A gang of outlaws kidnap Fran to force Clay to help them steal a $20,000 mine payroll.

Stars: Henry Fonda, Allen Case, Wallace Ford, Betty Lou Keim
Release Year: 1959

8:30 AM – The Deputy S1 - "Land Greed" TV-PG L,V

Clay finds evidence of a widow's cattle being rustled.

Stars: Henry Fonda, Allen Case, Wallace Ford, Betty Lou Keim
Release Year: 1959

A gunslinger is wounded by the marshal in a shooting while waiting to settle a feud with an enemy. He then plots to kill the marshal as well.

Stars: Dick Powell, Beverly Garland, Robert Vaughn, Claude Akins

A Confederate veteran embittered by his war experience takes a job as a schoolteacher and is annoyed with one of his pupils who dreams of finding gold in their poor community.

Stars: Dick Powell, Rory Calhoun, Bobby Clark, Denver Pyle

The story of Frank and Jesse James and the events that motivated them to lead a life of crime rather than settle down on the family farm.

Stars: Wendell Corey, MacDonald Carey, Ward Bond, Ellen Drew
Release Year: 1951

A Western marshall discovers the man who raped and murdered his wife is his best friend's son.

Stars: Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Carolyn Jones, Ty Hardin
Release Year: 1959

2:00 PM – Warlock - "Warlock" TV-PG L,V

A lawless town is plagued by a gang of thugs, leading the inhabitants to hire a famous gunman to act as marshal.

Stars: Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, Richard Widmark
Release Year: 1959

5:00 PM – Open Range - "Open Range" TV-14 L,V

A former gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew are threatened by a corrupt lawman.

Stars: Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner, Annette Bening, Diego Luna
Release Year: 2003

8:00 PM – Appaloosa - "Appaloosa" TV-14 D,L,S,V

Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a local rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow.

Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, Renee Zellweger, Jeremy Irons
Release Year: 2008

10:30 PM – Posse - "Posse" TV-14 L,S,V

An unscrupulous politico marshal and his deputies chase a gang of train robbers whose leader proves that every man has his price.

Stars: Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern
Release Year: 1975

12:30 AM – Silver River - "Silver River" TV-PG L,V

Unjustly booted out of the cavalry, Mike McComb strikes out for Nevada, and deciding never to be used again, ruthlessly works his way up to becoming one of the most powerful silver magnates in the west.

Stars: Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan, Thomas Mitchell, Bruce Bennett
Release Year: 1948

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